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You and I

Progressive rock

KOTTA Kft., Hungary

CD and MC



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Short description: First album by a Hungarian progressive rock band, who also play titles by Yes, Enya and Frank Zappa. They have a female vocalist who sings in both English and Hungarian. The album shows clear marks of the influence of Yes, classical music, modern poetry and ancient metaphysics
1. Clear, Real Life (English, 5:47)
A clear, rich melody about the beauty of magical normality which is disappearing from our world. Sophisticated vocals and synthesizers.
2. Fall (Hungarian, 5:46)
Strange harmonies, asymmetric rhythms, a slightly psychedelic sound; a song asking “Why are we so insensitive”.
3. Wedding Day (English, 7:32)

A traditional Irish folk ballad about an eerie love, accompanied by strange synthesizer sounds; followed by a duo of electric guitar and synthesized strings, with a touch of classical music.
4. Release Me (Hungarian, 5:58)
A soft song with beautiful, philosophical Hungarian lyrics on how to be released from old memories of love and pain.
5. Nemo (Instrumental, 1:59) Short interlude; rhythmic rock based on a hard riff.
6. Novel (Instrumental, 5:48)
Part One is an infinitely delicate and intricate melody played on guitars; Part Two expands the theme into something resembling late 20th century Baroque music.
7. Child of a Guiding Eye (English, 9:45)
This is pure progressive music, continuing the tradition of the ‘70s, the golden age of progressive rock. The 5 movements are:
– Starlight Words and music “wide and flowing like ageless gold”
– Arise Lively instrumental part with synthesizer solos
– The Poison Garden A prophecy condemning humanity’s blindness and the destruction of Earth
– Starlight (returning) A reprise of the first part
– The Unborn A voice solo: We need to be once again like children, whose eyes shine freedom like angels of fire.
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