Group Members

Fanni Völgyessy-Szomor

    1965: Vocalist. Graduated from the voice faculty of the Budapest Jazz Conservatory in 1991. Started singing in classical and church choirs. Works as a studio and session singer with different bands and sings in different a cappella groups. Performs in a large variety of styles. Also interested in figurative arts; learned ceramics and practiced decoration.

Károly Dorogi

    1963: Started to play bass guitar in a progressive rock group at the age of 18. Played in other rock and progressive bands. Host at a rock club in Budapest in 1989 where several new bands started.

Zsolt Kosztyu

    1964: Guitar. Played country, rock, punk in different bands. Joined Károly and Fanni before You and I started. Creative in composition and arranging. Background: economist. Today he is a free-lance translator.

Remy - (Tamás Remenyik)

    1974: Keyboards. Started learning music at the age of 14. Played in a blues band, composed music for amateur theater groups. Joined the band in the autumn of 1993. Background: computing and information technology.

Group Background

You and I started in November 1992 as a progressive rock band in Budapest, Hungary. Former friends joined to produce quality music based on the traditions of the progressive bands of the ’70s. Actually, in addition to their own music, You and I’s repertoire includes titles from Yes and Enya as well as folk ballads. Songs are performed both in English and Hungarian. It is worthy to mention the 1994 Yes Memorial Concert. Here the legendary Siberian Khartu, Heart Of The Sunrise, and a Yes "medley"(consists of excerpts from And You And I, Gates Of Delirium, Close To The Edge, Starship Trooper etc.) were performed live for the first time in Hungary. The band believes that some of the best pieces of music in the progressive rock heritage will still be played for many decades, and perhaps centuries, by future generations of musicians, just like pieces of classical music. The combination of this progressive heredity, rich melodies, and thoughtful lyrics provides You and I with a distinct identity. The presence of a female vocalist in a rock band offers many interesting possibilities. Although some of their music cannot be labeled as “progressive rock”, and has a more popular sound, their music as a whole reflects progressivity as a conscious effort to articulate the meaningful. This explains why their concerts are attended and appreciated also by many other musicians. Their present aim is to bring this type of music to many new people.

How You to Contact Us

Address: You And I Studio
H-1096 Budapest
Ipar u. 11.
Phone: (361) 216-7581
Fax: (361) 272-0079
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